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About Suzanne


Integrative Wellness Specialist

Suzanne has over 25 years of experience as an

Integrative Wellness Specialist

Suzanne has coached thousands of people enhancing their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Through her books, services, shows and practices, she activates, enlightens and inspires her clients, fans and followers. She fully empowers them to live their best life as their highest self!

Suzanne is a compassionate coach and caring mentor who is passionate about healing emotional trauma and clearing mental blockages, balancing your physical energy by realigning your energy centers and restoring emotional, mental and physical health & vitality. She is a certified health & wellness expert specializing in stress-reducing meditation, dynamic movement therapy for healing the mind/body connection, nutritional coaching & supplementation and personal counseling for anxiety, emotional & physical pain and addiction recovery. She offers online services and private sessions in a healing center in Sedona, Arizona. She is also willing to travel throughout Sedona and the Verde Valley. Please email me to schedule an appointment at:

Suzanne is the author of "The Up! Trilogy":

Wake Up! Awakening through Reflection

A 10-day Life Lessons Workshop

Liberating the Mind from Limiting Beliefs!

Rise Up! Awakening through Revelation

10-days on the Ascension Path

Revealing the Divine Origin and Destiny of our Eternal Souls

Lighten Up! Awakening through Activation

A 10-day Virtual Retreat

Activating Divine DNA and the Crystalline Light-Body for Ascension


Motivational Speaker

Suzanne has spoken at many events and she hosts conferences featuring world-renowned speakers, authors and thought leaders.

See videos of her presentations at site and click on Events.


T.V. Personality & Producer

Suzanne is the producer, host & narrator of Lighten Up! T.V., a talk show featuring thought leaders from around the world.

Conscious Media Visionary

She is the creator, host & narrator of Supernatural Adventures, a T.V. series that travels to sacred sites around the globe exploring the spiritual belief systems and quantum physics behind the mysteries of creation.