Activating Creation Codes for Manifestation


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Activating Creation Codes for Manifestation

All Creator Gods and Goddesses who are commissioned to create in the multidimensional realms are taught how to use the original codes of creation to imprint holographically in time-space realities. This requires the skillful use of both numerology and sacred geometry. To activate your “Creator Consciousness”, you must be downloaded with the sacred symbols of the Gods and Goddesses. This requires both knowledge of the information and wisdom about the illumination. This is a high-level session that requires a special initiation and advanced knowledge of creative manifestation. Suzanne highly recommends reading her book “Rise Up!” to activate your creator-consciousness. This is a term she uses throughout her book as she guides you through the story of creation from the infinite womb to the zero point field where the creation codes can be accessed and applied. She shows you how the creative spirit flows from infinity to eternity using sacred geometry. She explains in detail how the progressive application of expanding symbology and increasing numerology combine to design the perfect blueprints for spiraling worlds and conscious beings to inhabit them.

Since our time and space realm is a holographic reflection of its source, it becomes necessary to create at the level of source first. Suzanne will show you how to use the creation codes in a ritualistic fashion to energize and activate the fundamental patterns of creation. With the power of intention, Suzanne will guide you through projecting a mental construct and then refining it into a physical object. She will show you how to access the source field and draw upon the codes necessary to manifest in the earthly realm. Creating your vision in eternity first allows you to then project it holographically into 3D space-time. She uses love, light and sound to activate the original source codes, so be prepared for a powerful session that is enhanced by audio/video downloads.

The effectiveness of all of Suzanne’s sessions are greatly enhanced by your own preparedness. She highly recommends downloading and doing the Wake Up! Meditations and Rise Up! Activations as you move throughout these energetic sessions.

Suzanne offers weekly and monthly packages for those who wish to engage more intensely in an accelerated program. These progressive sessions are custom designed to shift you into a higher dimensional consciousness with an increased level of awareness based on your specific goals and preferences.