Divine Mission Plan of Action


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Divine Mission Plan of Action

Now that you know what your divine purpose is, it’s time to create a strategic plan of action! Suzanne is uniquely qualified to offer specific steps and powerful tools for achieving your mission here in 3D. With one foot firmly planted in the practical realm and one foot firmly rooted in the spiritual realms, she can show you how to combine practicality with spirituality in a symphonic interplay of procedural steps and practical mysticism. This is a powerful combination that applies both business acumen and personal intuition. We still have to apply practical tools to manifest results in 3D, however, our spiritual toolbox greatly enhances these tools turning them into magic wands! Once you have assimilated your current life conditions with your new divine purpose, you can strategically lay out your comprehensive plan and imprint it upon your vision board. This is how you plan with your mind, implement with your heart and manifest with your spiritual power.

Suzanne will guide you step-by-step through visualization, implementation and actualization. These steps will be general since the session is only an hour long. However, Suzanne specifically offers 3 longer sessions for each of the critical steps in the process: 1) Visualization for Specification, 2) Implementation for Application, 3) Actualization for Manifestation. Each session is 90-minutes which you can purchase for $199 each or $555 for all three!

Now you are ready to be ignited for your mission by activating the original codes of creation for manifestation in time and space. Activating Creation Codes for Manifestation is a high-level session that requires initiation.

The effectiveness of all of Suzanne’s sessions are greatly enhanced by your own preparedness. She highly recommends downloading and doing the Wake Up! Meditations and Rise Up! Activations as you move throughout these energetic sessions.

Suzanne offers weekly and monthly packages for those who wish to engage more intensely in an accelerated program. These progressive sessions are custom designed to shift you into a higher dimensional consciousness with an increased level of awareness based on your specific goals and preferences.