Divine Purpose Reveal


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Divine Purpose Reveal

Each and every one of us has been sent here with a special purpose above and beyond learning our life lessons. Those of us who are “waking up” at this time are becoming well aware that we are here for something more. We also know that it is something big and not just local, but global and even galactic! This propels us into action and we begin to think that anything is possible! We are compelled to step outside of the societal path and to stray from the herd no longer willing to be herded by the controlling elite. This may be disturbing to our family and friends as we buck the system and upset the status quo. But we are so driven to complete our mission that nothing can stand in our way!

If this sounds oh so familiar, you are ready to receive clarity about your divine purpose and instructions about your global mission. In this comprehensive “reveal”, Suzanne will tune in directly to the celestial team who is supporting your mission here on the ground. You are literally “boots on the ground” as your soul streams instructions from your co-creative team in a higher dimensional realm. The specific realm that your co-creative team is streaming from will be revealed along with your specific role here on earth. Suzanne will show you how to tune into their frequency so you can receive guidance directly from them. She will explain why you were chosen and what aspects and rays you are drawing upon for this mission. She will show you how everything you have experienced thus far was necessary before pulling back the veil and revealing your true identity. Many of us fall asleep in the illusion because we are covered by the “Veil of Forgetting” when we arrive here. In some case, souls fall asleep in the illusion and never wake up to their true purpose and divine mission. But since you are reading this, you have clearly woken up and are ready to be aligned with your true purpose.

Once your divine purpose has been revealed, you are ready for Suzanne to guide you through an effective plan of action designed to make sure you achieve your mission. Get ready for your Divine Mission Plan of Action!

The effectiveness of all of Suzanne’s sessions are greatly enhanced by your own preparedness. She highly recommends downloading and doing the Wake Up! Meditations and Rise Up! Activations as you move throughout these energetic sessions.

Suzanne offers weekly and monthly packages for those who wish to engage more intensely in an accelerated program. These progressive sessions are custom designed to shift you into a higher dimensional consciousness with an increased level of awareness based on your specific goals and preferences.