Dormant DNA Strand Activation


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Dormant DNA Activation

A message direct from Suzanne: “It was clearly revealed to me during an intense download, early one dawn not long ago, why we only access 10% of our DNA and use only 10% of our brain here in 3D. It was such a powerful revelation that I could barely contain my excitement! Fortunately, it was 2 days before a big event where I could stand onstage and share my revelation with the crowd. Here it is and like all other profundities, it is both complex and yet so simple. Contrary to the claim that evil creator gods turned off the majority of our DNA, I was seeking a solution that was in divine order and so I asked and yes, I did receive! I was shown that, in 3D – 12D, we are fragmented as 10 aspects of our whole being. In 3D, we are only expressing a 10% fragment of who we truly are as a whole soul. As such, we are operating with 10% of our DNA activated and only 10% of our brain illuminated. In each of the sequential dimensions, we turn on another 10%! So, in 4D, we access 20%, in 5D – 30%, in 6D – 40%, in 7D – 50%, in 8D – 60%, in 9D – 70%, in 10D – 80%, in 11D – 90% and in 12D, as the perfect divine blueprint of our eternal soul, we access 100%! It’s pure genius and it makes such perfect sense!

This revelation also brought so much more meaning and purpose to the gift I had been granted a year earlier. I was suddenly compelled to draw circular charts showing all 12 dimensions like a zodiac wheel. Each number represented a realm of creation from 1 – Infinite to 12 – Eternal with 13 in the center as the Portal to Ascension! Then, I started downloading the elemental patterns expressed in the 2nd dimension and then each of the dimensions 3-11 as personalities in time and space realms. The 4th dimension revealed our character in the astral realm. Dimensions 5-11 were shown to me as galactic expressions of our fragmented soul residing in different star systems. I was also shown that, just like beings on the earth plane express different levels of consciousness (2D-5D and beyond), the galactic beings may express higher or lower dimensional consciousness (not necessarily related to where they reside in the galaxy). In other words, many believe that the Pleiades is 5D and while many 5D beings may reside in this star system, not all of the beings will resonate at that level. It is then possible to be a 7D or even a 4D being in a 5D realm and this applies to all the beings in all the star systems and constellations. On your chart, for instance, your 5D personality may be Lyran or Arcturian or Pleaidian just like your 6D-11D personalities may be residing in any one of these as well. So the chart reflects your own personal level of consciousness in each of the realms rather than the dimensional level of each star system.

I knew that tuning into your fragmented souls would make for a wonderful soul reunion and I knew that each time I tuned you into a higher dimensional aspect of yourself, it would raise your vibrational frequency. But I had a sense there was still something more profound going on with the Multidimensional Soul Retrievals and then BAM! It is shown to me as a DNA Activation turning on 10% of the life codes with each higher dimensional soul reunited! The codes are retrieved with each higher frequency and this also revealed that the higher frequency attained by a greater light quotient is not just about the highly charged photons. It is about the information encoded into the light that raises your consciousness to the next dimension. This is what ascension is all about! It is why the highly charged particles from the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone, not only raises our frequency, but they also raise our conscious awareness because they carry keys and codes. This also goes for the Deneb in the Cygnus constellation as it throws highly charged solar flares our way. It is literally a form of en-light-enment! Brilliant, literally.”

Now that you are operating with all of your DNA activated and your brain is now fully online, you are ready to align with your divine purpose and to prepare a plan of action to achieve your special mission! Get ready for your Divine Purpose Reveal.

The effectiveness of all of Suzanne’s sessions are greatly enhanced by your own preparedness. She highly recommends downloading and doing the Wake Up! Meditations and Rise Up! Activations as you move throughout these energetic sessions.

Suzanne offers weekly and monthly packages for those who wish to engage more intensely in an accelerated program. These progressive sessions are custom designed to shift you into a higher dimensional consciousness with an increased level of awareness based on your specific goals and preferences.   

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