Higher Self Alignment


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Higher-Self Alignment

Now that you have balanced any accumulated karma in your current and past 3D lives, and tuned up your energy centers, you are ready to align with your higher-self. Once your rainbow body has grounded into the heart of Mother Earth and extended up into your soul star, you can seat your consciousness in this golden star tetrahedron, or Merkaba, 8” above your head. This is your light-body vehicle and you can use it to travel throughout the cosmos. Once seated in your Merkaba vehicle, you can merge fully with the consciousness of your higher-self. Free from the limitations and attachments keeping you dense in 3D, you can ascend into a higher consciousness that vibrates at a much higher frequency. In this higher vibration, you can tune into a much greater field of infinite intelligence and have a much greater perspective on the full spectrum of your expanded consciousness. Tuning into your higher-self aligns you with your authentic nature so you can express yourself fully and create your reality freely. Free from the limitations of society’s expectations and your own limiting beliefs about your abilities, you can become your unique self and access your unlimited potential. You will discover who you truly are as your heart’s desires are ignited and your passions are set brightly on fire. With your higher-self perspective, you will clearly see how you can transform your passions into your livelihood with ease, grace and abundance. Merging with your higher-self also synchronizes you with the natural flow of the universe. You will start moving in divine synchronicity with the energetic flow of higher consciousness. All of the people, places and things you require to make your dreams come true will magically appear in divine order and everything will occur in divine timing!

Now that you have aligned with the higher consciousness of your authentic self, it’s time to reunite with the cosmic consciousness of your eternal soul. You are ready for your Eternal Soul Reunion.

The effectiveness of all of Suzanne’s sessions are greatly enhanced by your own preparedness. She highly recommends downloading and doing the Wake Up! Meditations and Rise Up! Activations as you move throughout these energetic sessions.

Suzanne offers weekly and monthly packages for those who wish to engage more intensely in an accelerated program. These progressive sessions are custom designed to shift you into a higher dimensional consciousness with an increased level of awareness based on your specific goals and preferences.   


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