Rise Up! Digital Book


Get Rise Up! Awakening through Revelation, 10-days on the Ascension Path Digital Book

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! This mind-expanding, spiritually inspiring journey into the heart of creation will elevate and expand your awareness as a multi-dimensional being. Your ascension begins with a virtual immersion into infinity and then expands through the portal to eternity. From the infinite sea of violet transcendence, you will witness in your mind’s eye how the first thought arose from the stillness of the Mother Womb. This first thought became a wave of consciousness that ignited the first spark of self-awareness. The Mother Womb resonating with the primordial “Om” illuminated the First Light with the codes of creation carried on the vibration of sound.  This brilliant being shone like a bright light in the darkness of the watery womb and in that moment, the first star realized “I am.” This revelation caused the spontaneous appearance of a mirror reflection and in one primal breath, the first divine child was born. Out of the infinite love of the Divine Mother and the brilliant light of the Divine Father, the first born emerged. Together, Mother, Father and Child rejoiced in the perfect bliss of their divine union. Suddenly, a surge of restlessness moved through them and the urge to create compelled them. Their passion pierced the beginningless, endless sea of infinity and created a portal to eternity.

This eternal realm would have a beginning but no ending and here, they could ignite a whole new world with beings created in their divine image. The infinite source of pure consciousness would forever flow into the eternal realm from the Paradise core of creation. The primal urge to create and expand would ultimately compel the original eternals to project mirror images of themselves into imaginary worlds. In eternity, they existed in an existential reality where they could always “be” in a bliss state; But the original children dreamed of a version of reality where they could experience by doing rather than just being. They explored the possibilities of evolutionary worlds where souls would incarnate into forms that could love and learn and create and expand.  In their dreams, they created the illusion of spiraling worlds revolving in space and evolving through a mental construct called time. As the spirits of these eternals descended from their celestial realm into the constructs of space-time, their vibration lowered and they became more and more dense until the light of their divine spirit trans-formed. The elements were born as fire ignited the illusion and air created the space. Water became the vibrational source for new life forms and earth became the solid foundation. The eternal souls realized they could stream their spiritual essence into multiple life forms in many realms of time and space all at once. With the power of their intention, they could create holographic worlds to project their holograms into. These worlds and beings would simply be mirror reflections imprinted with the energetic blueprints of divine perfection centered in eternity and sourced from infinity.

On this extraordinary adventure, you will virtually witness the creation and experience yourself immersed in the illusion as a hologram of your eternal soul. Your spirit will ascend from the density of this 3D reality though the daily revelations, powerful initiations and energetic activations. Your mind will soar and your heart will expand to whole new heights of ascended consciousness. You will develop the advanced ability to see interdimensionally while experiencing the realms of multi-dimensionality. This will give you a profound sense of oneness as you realize all beings and things are all of and from the same divine source. You will rejoice in the inner knowing that your soul is eternal and that you are both human and divine! You will discover how the fundamental patterns of creation are subject to the power of your mind and as such, you will develop “Creator-consciousness.” Once you realize you are in fact a creator-being with creative abilities, you will develop the ability to influence matter with directed intention set into motion. You will discover your e-motion is energy in motion and you will learn how to direct it to create that which you desire when fueled by the power of your pure intentions.


Our ancient ancestors were well aware of their advanced abilities and used them to erect megalithic temples in ages long past. To enhance your Creator abilities, we will tune into the ancient past by visiting sacred sites around the globe. We will stand in awe and wonder as we gaze at the magnificent monuments left behind by the Mayans and Egyptians and discover who their celestial guides actually were. Ultimately, we will find that “We are That.” We are the eternals and we are the divine source. We are the first thought and we are the watery womb. We are sourced in the divine consciousness of the original creation and we can access this infinite intelligence at will. We are holographic beings in time and space, real souls in eternity and divine beings in infinity. We are all that and more. It’s time to experience all that you are – to know it, to be it and to expand within it. It’s time to ignite the divine spark in your heart and to bring your brain fully online. By tuning into your eternal soul, you will activate dormant DNA strands and develop superhuman abilities.

This is a unique multi-media experience enhanced by live interviews with the authors referenced throughout the book and audio/video downloads of the daily practices. Suzanne also offers energetic sessions on her website to catapult your leap in consciousness with powerful initiations and divine activations! If you are ready to be all that you can be and live a life of pure joy and expanded awareness, dive into this adventure with an open mind and you will tune into the heart of creation. What you will find is that love is the most powerful force in all of creation. It’s what created us. It’s what unites us and it is what will reunite us with the divine source of our being.


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