Coaching Package: All 10 Transformational Sessions (Total Transformation)


Purchase the Coaching Package: All 10 Transformational Sessions (Total Transformation)

From a complete Life Review and comprehensive Past Life Regression, through an Energy Center Attunement, Higher Self Alignment and Dormant DNA Activation, Suzanne guides you toward the discovery of your soul’s multidimensional aspects and the revelation of your Divine Purpose and Plan of Action for your mission!

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Session Descriptions

Life Review:

From her bestselling book, Wake Up! Awakening through Reflection – A 10-day Life Lessons Workshop, Suzanne skillfully guides you through her signature Karmic Cause & Effect Analysis. This cathartic process explores the most transformational experiences of your life and reveals the important life lessons that are hidden within. Suzanne then gives you powerful tools that allow you to master your life lessons. She shows you how to intentionally create meaningful experiences that incorporate these lessons so you can consciously evolve toward more advanced ones. Rather than having to repeat the same types of experiences, because the lessons still haven’t been learned and applied, you will make a major breakthrough by releasing old patterns and developing much more empowering ones. You will masterfully create exciting new experiences that allow you to grow and flourish! Intentionally creating and consciously evolving is the key to life mastery. Suzanne will also reveal the primary and secondary archetypes and ray types you are expressing along with the chakras your energy is centered on.

Throughout the process, any negative attachments you may still be holding onto that are keeping you bound to old patterns, will be transmuted and released into the light of pure love for yourself, others and the world around you. She will identify and release any shadows or blockages in your chakras that are preventing energy from flowing along your kundalini with ease and grace. With your new life mastery skills, clear conscience and positive energy flow, you will be empowered to create a full life filled with abundant joy, peace, love, health and prosperity!

When you are ready to take the next big leap and go deeper into your subconscious and superconscious mind, sign up for the Past Life Regression and prepare to let go of deep seated, limiting patterns that have kept you spinning in the wheel of karma long enough. Once revealed, your past lives will clearly show how personality traits that are both complimentary and restrictive have been seeded into your subconscious for centuries. Suzanne’s powerful karmic alleviation process will release and balance past life experiences while embracing the wisdom, skills and abilities you now have access to from connecting into these personalities.


Past Life Regression

Get ready to explore the deep seated past life personalities imprinted upon your DNA. Suzanne will strategically take you from the most recent to the most ancient 3D life experiences you have incarnated into on this earth plane. Tuning you into different time lines, she will guide you through vivid recollections of past life landscapes and connect you directly into the personalities you are expressing there. You will be astounded by the clarity with which these past life scenes appear in your mind’s eye. You will see through the eyes of the person you are being in these lives and feel the emotions you are experiencing there. You will recognize your soul family in others who appear along these time lines and become aware of who they are to you in this lifetime. You will clearly see how these past lives are directly affecting you in this life in both positive and negative ways. Once the direct impact of these lives is revealed, Suzanne will gently guide you through the process of releasing any negative attachments and personality traits that aren’t conducive to your well-being here and now. She will also identify the positive attachments and traits that are benefiting you in this lifetime. She will also point out the key lessons incorporated into each lifetime and the archetypes and rays you are expressing. If any of these lives are causing any blockages in your chakras or shadows in your subconscious mind, she will assist you in transmuting them with divine light and pure love.

This is a fascinating exploration that will reveal the multi-faceted 3D lives you have been choosing for your soul’s progression. Between lives, you are always given an opportunity to see what lessons you have mastered and what ones you have to go back and work on. Suzanne’s Life Review and Past Life Regression sessions are specifically designed to reveal important life lessons so you can master them once and for all. Instead of reincarnating in the same dimension time and again to repeat the same life experiences, you will be free to finally move onto more advanced lessons so you can consciously ascend into a higher dimensional experience right here and now! You will make significant progress on your soul’s interdimensional adventure when you are released from karmic attachments!

Now you are ready to make a major breakthrough with the next two empowering sessions, Energy Center Attunement and Higher-Self Alignment. Then you’ll be ready to move onto the most transformational session of all – the Multidimensional Soul Retrieval. This supersonic session will connect you with who you are as an intergalactic being traversing all 12 dimensions in time, space and beyond! To prepare you for this multidimensional exploration, an Energy Center Attunement and Higher Self Alignment are highly recommended.

Energy Center Attunement

The key to optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is the smooth flow of kundalini energy along the inner channels of your chakras, or rainbow body. This kundalini energy is ignited at the base of your spine when your fiery root chakra is spinning freely. When it becomes weighed down by fears related to survival, security and longevity, the life force energy gets stuck and is prevented from flowing freely along the inner channels. Insecurities settle into this chakra like a heavy sludge that prevent it from spinning with ease. Blockages here can cause a variety of both physical and mental dis-ease. Emotional instability and spiritual detachment can result from long-term blockages in the root chakra. Your session starts with a powerful clearing of the roots of your kundalini tree of life. Suzanne will tune into your root chakra and identify the source of any shadows. As she guides you through releasing any fears or insecurities, blockages will simply dissipate and your root chakra will begin to spin faster. As it spins faster, any remaining shadows will be flung off this wheel and its fire will be ignited at the center. With the flame brightly lit, this wheel be purified and fully illuminated. Once the fire is ignited at the base of your spine, this red-hot energy will travel up your spine to purify and illuminate the entire channel. As the kundalini energy braids your spine and moves through each sequential chakra, Suzanne will tune into the life force of that wheel and identify any shadows that may be slowing it down. As she guides you through clearing any negative emotions, patterns or behaviors related to desire, power, love, communication and spiritual connection, the relevant chakra will gain clarity and brilliance as it spins faster and wider. This will allow you to embrace the positive aspect of each of these energy centers. Once your three lower and three upper chakras are cleared and spinning brightly, Suzanne will show you how to seat your consciousness into your crown chakra. Once your rainbow body is fully illuminated, she will guide you through extending your rainbow body down through your earth star and into the heart of Mother Earth. Then, she will show you how to draw your consciousness up through your rainbow body through your soul star and into the heart of the cosmos. This process will allow you to experience a profound sense of oneness.

Now you’re ready to be aligned with your higher self by tuning into your soul star!

Higher-Self Alignment

Now that you have balanced any accumulated karma in your current and past 3D lives, and tuned up your energy centers, you are ready to align with your higher-self. Once your rainbow body has grounded into the heart of Mother Earth and extended up into your soul star, you can seat your consciousness in this golden star tetrahedron, or Merkaba, 8” above your head. This is your light-body vehicle and you can use it to travel throughout the cosmos. Once seated in your Merkaba vehicle, you can merge fully with the consciousness of your higher-self. Free from the limitations and attachments keeping you dense in 3D, you can ascend into a higher consciousness that vibrates at a much higher frequency. In this higher vibration, you can tune into a much greater field of infinite intelligence and have a much greater perspective on the full spectrum of your expanded consciousness. Tuning into your higher-self aligns you with your authentic nature so you can express yourself fully and create your reality freely. Free from the limitations of society’s expectations and your own limiting beliefs about your abilities, you can become your unique self and access your unlimited potential. You will discover who you truly are as your heart’s desires are ignited and your passions are set brightly on fire. With your higher-self perspective, you will clearly see how you can transform your passions into your livelihood with ease, grace and abundance. Merging with your higher-self also synchronizes you with the natural flow of the universe. You will start moving in divine synchronicity with the energetic flow of higher consciousness. All of the people, places and things you require to make your dreams come true will magically appear in divine order and everything will occur in divine timing!

Now that you have aligned with the higher consciousness of your authentic self, it’s time to reunite with the cosmic consciousness of your eternal soul. You are ready for your Eternal Soul Reunion.



Eternal Soul Reunion

Now that you have learned how to seat your consciousness inside your golden Merkaba, you are ready to soar beyond the realms of time and space and enter the eternal realm of Havona!

There is a place at the Paradise core of creation called Havona where eternal souls reside as the perfect divine blueprint of their original design. This central universe of Havona is also the perfect divine blueprint of the original universe settled in the eternal now moment. This is a place beyond time and the beings there exist for all eternity. This is also the only “real” and perfect universe with the only “real” and perfect beings residing there. It helps to realize that time and space is a holographic illusory reality and that we as incarnate beings are holograms, or fractals, of our original soul. The only thing that is essentially “real” about us is the truth of our soul essence which is an aspect of our fragmented soul. The original Eternals resident on Havona are mentally projecting these holographic fractals of themselves into a mental construct we call space-time. The parallel universes we know of in time and space are also holographic reflections of the only real universe in Havona. They too are fragmented as multidimensional realms just like we are fragmented as multidimensional beings. Time and space is an illusion and all of the worlds and incarnate beings are holographic projections of the original source from which they came. Knowing this in the very core of your being is the first step in reuniting with your eternal soul.

To fully be at peace with this fundamental truth, Suzanne will start your session with a very powerful visualization that reveals the true nature of your being. Then she will stream your consciousness directly from your heart space into the heart of your eternal soul. At the moment this heart-to-heart soul connection is made, you will feel an electric pulse in your pineal gland at the center of your brain. Next, you will feel a jolt jump start your heart and then a third electrical pulse activate your solar plexus. With these three energy centers ignited, you will then feel bright white light swirling around your being from head to toe. You will feel vibrational waves undulate your body and you will know that these are waves of pure love. You will then feel every cell of your being ignite with an emerald green energy and then one at a time, your chakras will light up as the life codes of your eternal soul inform them. Your mind, heart and power center will be tuned up and illuminated at the highest possible frequency. Your rainbow body will be fully activated with your eternal soul codes.  As the DNA in every cell of your body receives information from your eternal soul, your brain will come more fully online. With your mind, heart and body activated, you will be merged with the mental, emotional and physical imprints of your eternal soul essence. You will become a spiritualized being illuminating the hologram of your physical form.

Now, you are fully prepared to seat your consciousness in your eternal self centered in Havona. As your eternal soul, you can tune into the fragments of your “self” that you are projecting into the multidimensional realms of time and space. You will be able to witness for yourself who you are in all 12 realms. You will be able to spiral into the 13th center and walk through the portal to ascension! Get ready for your Multidimensional Soul Retrieval.

Multidimensional Soul Retrieval

Now that you can envision the multidimensional realms from the perspective of your eternal soul, with Suzanne’s psychic guidance, you can tune into your fragmented soul expressions in each of the multidimensional realms. Starting with the first dimension, Suzanne will connect you into the infinite source of your being. She will guide you through an intense visualization that will reveal the truth that you are the One Great Self immersed in the Great Mother Womb. She will guide you gently through the portal to eternity where you can be seated in your eternal soul essence. Then she will guide you into the second dimension and together, you will connect into each one of the five elements and explore the fundamental patterns of creation. Once you have been empowered as an Infinite Creator Being and Eternal Soul Expression capable of working with the elemental patterns, you are ready to begin your time and space journey starting with the 3rd dimension.

Your being takes on a holographic form and personality in each of the dimensions 3-9 and then becomes formless in dimensions 10-12 as waves of love, light and sound. These last two dimensions still carry the DNA life codes originally imprinted upon your being but they dissolve into oneness as you return to wholeness. Ultimately, your eternal soul blueprint dissolves into the pure essence of the divine trinity as love, light and sound (or love, wisdom and word).  Finally, you are absorbed into Deity as an aspect of the One Infinite Creator resting in the stillness of the Mother Womb. Here, you will experience a profound sense of peace enhanced by an exuberant state of bliss unlike that which you have never known.

As you spiral back into the source from which you came, you will enter the portal of ascension. The gates will be open to you once all 22 strands of your DNA have been activated. The activation of these life codes is the complete pass code necessary to open the gateway to ascension. Now you are prepared for your Dormant DNA Activation!

Dormant DNA Activation

A message direct from Suzanne: “It was clearly revealed to me during an intense download, early one dawn not long ago, why we only access 10% of our DNA and use only 10% of our brain here in 3D. It was such a powerful revelation that I could barely contain my excitement! Fortunately, it was 2 days before a big event where I could stand onstage and share my revelation with the crowd. Here it is and like all other profundities, it is both complex and yet so simple. Contrary to the claim that evil creator gods turned off the majority of our DNA, I was seeking a solution that was in divine order and so I asked and yes, I did receive! I was shown that, in 3D – 12D, we are fragmented as 10 aspects of our whole being. In 3D, we are only expressing a 10% fragment of who we truly are as a whole soul. As such, we are operating with 10% of our DNA activated and only 10% of our brain illuminated. In each of the sequential dimensions, we turn on another 10%! So, in 4D, we access 20%, in 5D – 30%, in 6D – 40%, in 7D – 50%, in 8D – 60%, in 9D – 70%, in 10D – 80%, in 11D – 90% and in 12D, as the perfect divine blueprint of our eternal soul, we access 100%! It’s pure genius and it makes such perfect sense!

This revelation also brought so much more meaning and purpose to the gift I had been granted a year earlier. I was suddenly compelled to draw circular charts showing all 12 dimensions like a zodiac wheel. Each number represented a realm of creation from 1 – Infinite to 12 – Eternal with 13 in the center as the Portal to Ascension! Then, I started downloading the elemental patterns expressed in the 2nd dimension and then each of the dimensions 3-11 as personalities in time and space realms. The 4th dimension revealed our character in the astral realm. Dimensions 5-11 were shown to me as galactic expressions of our fragmented soul residing in different star systems. I was also shown that, just like beings on the earth plane express different levels of consciousness (2D-5D and beyond), the galactic beings may express higher or lower dimensional consciousness (not necessarily related to where they reside in the galaxy). In other words, many believe that the Pleiades is 5D and while many 5D beings may reside in this star system, not all of the beings will resonate at that level. It is then possible to be a 7D or even a 4D being in a 5D realm and this applies to all the beings in all the star systems and constellations. On your chart, for instance, your 5D personality may be Lyran or Arcturian or Pleaidian just like your 6D-11D personalities may be residing in any one of these as well. So the chart reflects your own personal level of consciousness in each of the realms rather than the dimensional level of each star system.

I knew that tuning into your fragmented souls would make for a wonderful soul reunion and I knew that each time I tuned you into a higher dimensional aspect of yourself, it would raise your vibrational frequency. But I had a sense there was still something more profound going on with the Multidimensional Soul Retrievals and then BAM! It is shown to me as a DNA Activation turning on 10% of the life codes with each higher dimensional soul reunited! The codes are retrieved with each higher frequency and this also revealed that the higher frequency attained by a greater light quotient is not just about the highly charged photons. It is about the information encoded into the light that raises your consciousness to the next dimension. This is what ascension is all about! It is why the highly charged particles from the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone, not only raises our frequency, but they also raise our conscious awareness because they carry keys and codes. This also goes for the Deneb in the Cygnus constellation as it throws highly charged solar flares our way. It is literally a form of en-light-enment! Brilliant, literally.”

Now that you are operating with all of your DNA activated and your brain is now fully online, you are ready to align with your divine purpose and to prepare a plan of action to achieve your special mission! Get ready for your Divine Purpose Reveal.

Divine Purpose Reveal

Each and every one of us has been sent here with a special purpose above and beyond learning our life lessons. Those of us who are “waking up” at this time are becoming well aware that we are here for something more. We also know that it is something big and not just local, but global and even galactic! This propels us into action and we begin to think that anything is possible! We are compelled to step outside of the societal path and to stray from the herd no longer willing to be herded by the controlling elite. This may be disturbing to our family and friends as we buck the system and upset the status quo. But we are so driven to complete our mission that nothing can stand in our way!

If this sounds oh so familiar, you are ready to receive clarity about your divine purpose and instructions about your global mission. In this comprehensive “reveal”, Suzanne will tune in directly to the celestial team who is supporting your mission here on the ground. You are literally “boots on the ground” as your soul streams instructions from your co-creative team in a higher dimensional realm. The specific realm that your co-creative team is streaming from will be revealed along with your specific role here on earth. Suzanne will show you how to tune into their frequency so you can receive guidance directly from them. She will explain why you were chosen and what aspects and rays you are drawing upon for this mission. She will show you how everything you have experienced thus far was necessary before pulling back the veil and revealing your true identity. Many of us fall asleep in the illusion because we are covered by the “Veil of Forgetting” when we arrive here. In some case, souls fall asleep in the illusion and never wake up to their true purpose and divine mission. But since you are reading this, you have clearly woken up and are ready to be aligned with your true purpose.

Once your divine purpose has been revealed, you are ready for Suzanne to guide you through an effective plan of action designed to make sure you achieve your mission. Get ready for your Divine Mission Plan of Action!

Divine Mission Plan of Action

Now that you know what your divine purpose is, it’s time to create a strategic plan of action! Suzanne is uniquely qualified to offer specific steps and powerful tools for achieving your mission here in 3D. With one foot firmly planted in the practical realm and one foot firmly rooted in the spiritual realms, she can show you how to combine practicality with spirituality in a symphonic interplay of procedural steps and practical mysticism. This is a powerful combination that applies both business acumen and personal intuition. We still have to apply practical tools to manifest results in 3D, however, our spiritual toolbox greatly enhances these tools turning them into magic wands! Once you have assimilated your current life conditions with your new divine purpose, you can strategically lay out your comprehensive plan and imprint it upon your vision board. This is how you plan with your mind, implement with your heart and manifest with your spiritual power.

Suzanne will guide you step-by-step through visualization, implementation and actualization. These steps will be general since the session is only an hour long. However, Suzanne specifically offers 3 longer sessions for each of the critical steps in the process: 1) Visualization for Specification, 2) Implementation for Application, 3) Actualization for Manifestation. Each session is 90-minutes which you can purchase for $199 each or $555 for all three!

Now you are ready to be ignited for your mission by activating the original codes of creation for manifestation in time and space. Activating Creation Codes for Manifestation is a high-level session that requires initiation.


Activating Creation Codes for Manifestation

All Creator Gods and Goddesses who are commissioned to create in the multidimensional realms are taught how to use the original codes of creation to imprint holographically in time-space realities. This requires the skillful use of both numerology and sacred geometry. To activate your “Creator Consciousness”, you must be downloaded with the sacred symbols of the Gods and Goddesses. This requires both knowledge of the information and wisdom about the illumination. This is a high-level session that requires a special initiation and advanced knowledge of creative manifestation. Suzanne highly recommends reading her book “Rise Up!” to activate your creator-consciousness. This is a term she uses throughout her book as she guides you through the story of creation from the infinite womb to the zero point field where the creation codes can be accessed and applied. She shows you how the creative spirit flows from infinity to eternity using sacred geometry. She explains in detail how the progressive application of expanding symbology and increasing numerology combine to design the perfect blueprints for spiraling worlds and conscious beings to inhabit them.

Since our time and space realm is a holographic reflection of its source, it becomes necessary to create at the level of source first. Suzanne will show you how to use the creation codes in a ritualistic fashion to energize and activate the fundamental patterns of creation. With the power of intention, Suzanne will guide you through projecting a mental construct and then refining it into a physical object. She will show you how to access the source field and draw upon the codes necessary to manifest in the earthly realm. Creating your vision in eternity first allows you to then project it holographically into 3D space-time. She uses love, light and sound to activate the original source codes, so be prepared for a powerful session that is enhanced by audio/video downloads.

The effectiveness of all of Suzanne’s sessions are greatly enhanced by your own preparedness. She highly recommends downloading and doing the Wake Up! Meditations and Rise Up! Activations as you move throughout these energetic sessions.

Suzanne offers weekly and monthly packages for those who wish to engage more intensely in an accelerated program. These progressive sessions are custom designed to shift you into a higher dimensional consciousness with an increased level of awareness based on your specific goals and preferences.    

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